1. Computers / Laptops and Peripherals

a. PC / desk tops / towers / laptops

b. Monitors, all types

c. Keyboard / mouse

d. External hard drive

e. External DVD / CD drive

f. Printers / scanners

g. Power cords, cables, and adapters

h. Wireless cards / network adapters

i. Modems / wireless routers / hubs

j. Old DVD, CD and floppy discs

k. UPS battery back up units

l. Surge protectors and outlet boxes

m. Individual PC parts

i. All cards and circuit boards

ii. All disc and tape drives

iii. Power supplies

iv. Cooling fans

v. Empty cabinets


2. Communication devices

a. Telephones

i. Old cell phones

ii. home phone (land lines)

iii. answering machines

b. mobile devices

i. pagers

ii. PDA’s / Blackberries

iii. Walkie talkie / two way phones

iv. CB radios, base and mobile units

v. Cords, cables, and all charging units

3. Entertainment

a. Televisions

b. All device remote controls

c. DVD, CD and VHS players

d. Used discs and tapes

e. Cable / satellite receiver boxes

f. Music

i. turn tables

ii. radios / clock-radios

iii. MP3 players / I-pods

iv. portable CD / cassette players

v. head phones and speakers

vi. amplifiers

vii. Car radio/CD/Cassette players

g. Video / picture

i. cameras

ii. video recorders, digital or tape

iii. cords, cables and adapters

iv. projectors, film and slide

v. Video game systems

1. player

2. controllers / other control devices

3. cords and cables

4. used games

h. Remote controlled toys (battery operated)

i. Trucks, cars, boats, etc.

ii. Controller

iii. Battery, battery charger and cables

4. Small appliance
a. Toaster / toaster ovens

b. Coffee makers

c. Microwaves

d. Crock pots

e. George foreman grills

f. Mixers / blenders

g. Juicers / food processors

h. Small fans and space heaters

i. Hair dryer / curling irons

j. Clothes iron

k. Hair clippers / razors

l. Vacuums / dust busters

5. Home office

a. Typewriters, electronic and traditional

b. Calculators and adding machines

c. Paper and disc shredders

d. Combination printer/copier/scanner/fax

e. Lock boxes and safes

f. Home exchange servers

6. MISC.

a. Extension cords, miscellaneous cables, adapter and charges

b. Batteries

c. Small power tools

i. electrical and battery operated

d. Security alarm keypads and control panels

e. Smoke and other gas detectors

f. DC to AC power converters often used in cars and trucks

g. Broken electrical devices

i. Outlets

ii. Switches

iii. Circuit breakers

iv. Non-glass fuses

h. Tasers and stun guns

g. misc.